Hello, I'm Josh Saunders.

You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

I currently work at Warner Music Group, and manage a brilliant UX/UI/Design and Development team in an inhouse dept known as Firepit Technology. We support the company globally.

I'm a team lead and line manager, and an expert web and mobile project manager with 20 years experience. I am a creator of Digital Products, Campaigns and Fan Activations.

I've primarily worked in the music industry, but I've also worked at small digital creative agencies, and at BBC Media Action.

My output includes websites, mobile apps, games, digital ad units, and applications that integrate with APIs such as Spotify, YouTube and Twitter.

I've developed web and mobile and social projects for artists such as Gorillaz, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Liam Gallagher, David Guetta, Damon Albarn/Blur, Muse, and Swedish House Mafia.

As a sideline project and area of study, approved by my employer, I am currently doing a part-time PhD. The current research focus: music-oriented experiences within AR and spatial audio.

I work on a high volume of fan-facing projects, as well as internal platforms for marketers.

Some highlights of my fan-engagement projects include: a daily algorithmically generated music video for Muse, an iPhone and Android game for Latin American star, Kidd Keo, an old school platform game for Iron Maiden, and a User Generated Album Art Creator for Coldplay.

My web and mobile work has won awards at Cannes Lion, Webbys, FWA, Drum and MusicAlly.

My current and increasing areas of inquiry with regard to engagement of fans/users, are: Unity for Web3D and AR, Smartphone AR (Spark, Lens Studio), WebAR, Voice Apps/VUI for SmartSpeakers, and Machine Learning (Style Transfer).